Barry: routine evaluation and service development consultancy

I provide consultancy to practitioners and services about the role of research, routine outcome measurement and feedback in creating the best therapy experience for every client. This includes training, ongoing consultancy and support to practitioners and services at whatever stage of the journey they are.

In the past 15 years I have worked with upwards of 3000 practitioners and 250 services, from initial implementation of systems for routinely evaluating their performance, to using research and evaluation data as part of a service development process. These have included services in NHS, statutory, private, employee assistance and third sectors, and some of these consultancy relationships have reached over a number of years.

I’ve learned over time that while there are some core principles involved in this process, there is no standard template that suits every setting or service. That’s why I work closely with you to develop a framework that will work for you, given your unique needs and circumstances.

What I can provide help with:

Clarification and scoping

Clarification, in the context of your service and its needs, of what type of evaluation or measurement system is likely to be appropriate.


Training (full service or training the trainers) covering system rationale and its routine integration into practitioners’ ways of working.

Post-implementation support

Solving the inevitable post-implementation questions and challenges, including ensuring high levels of data quality from the outset.

Data profiling

Initial, and where required, ongoing data profiling against published standard external and internal quality benchmarks

Service development

Support to develop service frameworks that promote and sustain delivery of effective and efficient therapy, and performance data to demonstrate accountability to stakeholders

What are the benefits?

Where do you want to get to and what are you prepared to give it? I’ve worked with services where evaluation has meant collecting paper-based client completed measures that sit in a corner in case the funder comes calling. I’ve worked with others that have a passionate commitment to using research and evaluation data as part of a continuous process of service development. I’ve also been privileged to lead such a service, and I outline in my profile in the About section of this site.

The implementation and optimal use of measurement and feedback is not an event, but a process. What I can promise you is that if you and/or your service are prepared to put in the necessary work, you will be in a much stronger position to:


Reduce dropout and enhance client outcomes


Deliver a demonstrably effective service and do so efficiently


Generate data that will enable your service to improve its performance and cement its quality in the eyes of commissioners and other stakeholders

Get in touch!

For a conversation about what’s possible and where you might want to get to, just get in touch through the form on the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!


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My interests lie in enhancing the wellbeing of practitioner and client alike. Coming from a systems background I also understand how technology can be used to deliver significant benefit for both. That’s why I am currently working on a range of products designed to benefit both you and your client. Please check out to see more.

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