For many therapists and therapy services, the COVID-19 pandemic is turning the world we have known upside down. Unplanned endings, renegotiation of contracts and gear-crunching transitions from face-to-face to phone and online working are testing our resilience. How are we adapting and what are we learning in the process? This is where we turn over the TMN blog to you.

Just two weeks ago, we published a blog profiling research comparing key relational factors between therapy provided face-to-face and by phone. Today, I’ve just finished a phone session with one of my long-term clients who has the misfortune to have contracted COVID-19. How the world has changed in that time.

The client I was speaking with is a phone client. I work both face-to-face and by phone and video, so as far as the medium was concerned, not much felt different. But the moment she uttered her first word, I knew. Our conversation contained many elements familiar to the current focus of our work. But it was not business as usual. It was rooted firmly in the now, but also acknowledging that there is a future beyond this, and a need to hold in mind what is truly important.

I’m lucky not to have to negotiate the cliff face that is moving an entire practice online; I’m doing it already. But I’m aware that many of you are experiencing real pain in this process. Can I do this? Do I want to? How will it affect the relationship with my clients? Is therapy possible without us sharing the same space?

Yet is seems many of you are making the transition, and quickly. And some of you are finding that it’s not quite as scary as you feared. Others, that for all that you may lose not working face-to-face, there is something different that can fill that space.

I’m learning that my clients are more resilient than I sometimes realise. Me too. I’m learning that I’m deluded if I think I can smoothly move therapeutic work online without addressing what’s going on in the wider world. But I’m also reminding myself that, yes, therapeutic work doesn’t necessarily require eyeballs on the client.

Your world in 300 words

I’ve just penned 300 words. We want to give you the same, to share your experience. Whether you’re a digital native or a rookie, how has it been for you? How have you negotiated the transition? What have you learned about yourself and your clients? What has surprised you? How might it change the way you work? What do want others to know?

We will not edit your 300 words, just give them a home. Please send us your contribution using the form in the Contact section of the Therapy Meets Numbers site Alternatively email me direct at

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Go, get writing and share your experience. Heaven knows we need it now! While you’re here, please also leave a comment below.

Here’s to a better future – together.


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