But is it safe?

From our recent survey it’s become clear that we are now more favourably disposed to working online or by phone than we were at the start of the pandemic. Most of us who were working face to face, however, seem desperate to return to business as usual. But is it safe?...

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Are we embracing a new way of working?

“It’s felt really stressful and devastating as I watched my case load disappear overnight. My established private practice that I’ve built up over the years, and that ticked over nicely, providing me with a sustained income from which I’ve created my life, just fell...

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What are we learning? Over to you.

For many therapists and therapy services, the COVID-19 pandemic is turning the world we have known upside down. Unplanned endings, renegotiation of contracts and gear-crunching transitions from face-to-face to phone and online working are testing our resilience. How...

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Hitting a new low

67% have experienced anxiety or depression. 71% have experienced burnout. Sadly, we’re not talking about clients. These are IAPT staff who responded to a recent survey. 41% indicated that they had been asked to manipulate performance data. Despite a recent airing of...

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