Back in July we invited you to try out a prototype of our online CORE-10 measure, and indeed many of you did. This is a brief update on our finalised online CORE Outcome Measure and CORE-10 measures, produced in collaboration with the CORE System Trust. No fee, no fuss, no platform required, no trace left. Our work here is done.

Remember the days of early lockdown, circa early April? Those heady days when we thought the whole Covid-19 episode would blow over in a few weeks? It’s probably just as well. Had we known then what we are facing now I’m not sure how well we’d have been coping by now.

Giles and I here at TMN had been exploring tech-based ways of engaging with clients remotely for a while, when we learned of the heroic attempts of Chris Evans, one of the CORE System Trust’s (CST) trustees, to keep the wheels of measurement turning during the pandemic.

Using a combination of fillable PDF forms, Google forms, LimeSurvey and Qualtrics (no, me neither), Chris had gone to extraordinary lengths to make available alternatives to the paper versions of the CORE forms. Some had been more successful than others, and it was clear that the most obvious solutions, such as fillable PDF measures, came with some significant challenges.

So, we got to thinking…..

We got to thinking, what if we could replicate the CORE measures within an interaction similar to the kind you find in online help ‘chat bots’? As the interactions we’ve developed demonstrate, it is very feasible. At its simplest, you send a link to the client, which takes them to an interaction that replicates the process they would go through in completing a paper-based version.

They complete the measure online, enter their email, and a copy of their responses is sent to them. No details of their responses are retained, nor is their email address. It’s all completely anonymous. We’re grateful to those of you who tried the CORE-10 prototype and gave us feedback. On the basis of that feedback we made some revisions to the template, and in conjunction with Chris Evans, have produced versions of both the CORE Outcome Measure (CORE-OM) and the CORE-10.

The links below (click on the image) take you to the practitioner versions of the measures. These provide an overview of the measures and how they can be used, and a link to a client version of each measure.


The CORE-10

What now?

Even though it’s taken a good deal of development work, we’re delighted to have proof of concept that our initial idea worked, and to have been able to provide Chris and the CST with another option for users to complete the CORE-OM and CORE-10 forms remotely.

These versions are now there for you to test and use with clients at no cost. You’re welcome!  

We thrive on feedback, so please let us know what you think about what you’ve read in the comment section below. Only the name you use to identify yourself will be shown publicly. Thank you!

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