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Welcome to the CORE-10

Within the survey we floated the idea of individually and anonymously completing a CORE-10 measure, so that at the PPS event on 26th January we could present you with a collective sense of how we’re doing at the moment.

If you’ve not used measures before, this will give you a chance to experience completing one ‘as if’ you were the client. You’ll also see what story the measures we complete individually tell about us collectively (in terms of psychological distress).

Scroll down to learn more about CORE-10 and what it measures. Otherwise, complete the CORE-10 measure immediately below. Rest assured no personally identifiable information will be asked for.

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About CORE-10

CORE-10 is a ten-item measure of general psychological distress. The ten items are derived directly from the CORE-OM parent measure. It captures a range of ‘core’ concerns that present in therapy settings, including problems/symptoms, functioning and risk of harm to self. It was developed to respond to the need for a brief screening and progress monitoring tool that could be used to track session to session progress. Further details can be found here and at the CORE System Trust pages.

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