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  1. Interesting article

    I do think the clients comment that it provides tangible evidence of progress being made is picking up on an important point. Anything we can do to show clients they are progressing tends to be very motivating for them (and dare I say, us too!). As a therapist, I see all the data monitoring we do as just another way of the clients “talking” to us. All the evidence I have read over the years, suggests that regularly checking in with clients to ask questions such as “how things do they think things are going”?, “whats working well & what isn’t”, “is the therapy going in the right direction for them to achieve their goals”? etc really helps to shape the therapy positively. So monitoring provides us with more formalised ways to open that conversation and look at things in detail. In a way its about being more consumer focused, or lets say more in touch with client’s experience if that language doesn’t “fit”.

    Regards Graeme Butler

  2. Graeme – ‘just another way of talking to us.’ I love that. We can think of it as measurement if we want, but we can also think of it as feedback, and that’s my preference. Thanks!

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