CORE-10 is a ten-item measure of general psychological distress. The ten items are derived directly from the CORE-OM parent measure. It captures a range of ‘core’ concerns that present in therapy settings, including problems/symptoms, functioning and risk of harm to self. It was developed to respond to the need for a brief screening and progress monitoring tool that could be used to track session to session progress. Further details can be found here and at the CORE System Trust pages.

Privacy notice

The responses you give to the questions will be stored for only as long as the interaction is running. An email summary of your responses can be sent to you if you request it at the end.

This is an automated process. No one has access to your answers, and they are deleted when you finish running the interaction. We record only basic usage data, nothing more. No personal data. 

Using the measure with clients

You can test the measure using the interaction below. A simplified version should be sent for your clients to complete, which can be found here

Either copy that page’s URL to send to your client with a request to complete the measure, or use the social share buttons on the page.

On entering their email address, the client will be sent a copy of their responses and scores which they are then free to share with you.

Copyright of all the CORE instruments is held by the CORE System Trust under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) licence.

This page and the CORE measure interaction have been developed in consultation with Professor Chris Evans of the CORE System Trust and we are grateful for his input and guidance.

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